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Spatial rainfall rate estimation through combined use of radar reflectivity and raingauge data.

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Digital pulse compression waveform applied to avionic polarimetric weather radar. Capabilities and potential of an avionic polarimetric weather radar simulator.

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Volumetric gas monitoring through a DSA laser network for the estimation of the gas emission flux by surface sources: Polarimetric radar for potenziamento maschile naturale aircrafts to support pilots' decision in bad weather conditions. Tomography applied to radiobase network for real time estimation of the rainfall rate fields.

Evaluation of estimation errors in spectral sensitivity measurements. Stochastic technique for 2D tomographic reconstruction of rainfall fields through microwave measurements.

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  • Meagher; E.
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The normalized differential spectral sensitivity approach applied to the retrieval of topospheric water vapor fields using a constellation of corotating LEO satellites. Giuli; M. I - VI, pp.

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Performance evaluation at global scale. Di Sepio Wavelet based approach for analysis of multiparametric radar measurements. DOI D. DFT-based spectral moments estimators for spaceborne Doppler precipitation radars. Method Outline.

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Radio base network and tomographic processing for real time estimation of the rainfall rate fields. Palmisano; L.

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Atmospheric CO2 measurements over an active volcanic site using an IR laser system. Performance analysis in counter-rotating configuration in the GHz range.

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Smith Adaptive quadratic regularization for baseline wandering removal in wearable ECG devices. Durden; D. IEEE, March Cuccoli; F. A nowcasting weather platform based on dual-frequency interactive satellite terminals.

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An improved algorithm for Doppler ambiguity removal in heavily cluttered environment. Aircraft hazard evaluation for critical weather avoidance. Durden; L. MORI; P. Volumetric IR laser monitoring for the estimation of the gas emission flux by surface sources: Capolino, F.

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Spaceborne rainfall Doppler radar measurements: Facheris; S. Coordinate Registration by Sea-land Transitions Identification. Assessing the relations between spectral sensitivity and integrated water vapor for NDSA processing applied to a radio link between two LEO satellites.

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  • Rainfall profile retrieval through spaceborne rain radars utilizing a sea surface NRCS model.
  • Infrared tomographic system for monitoring the two-dimensional distribution of atmospheric pollution over limited areas - Part 2.
  • The determination of the sea surface NRCS when corrugated by blowing wind and rainfall:
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Estimating the spatial distribution of rainfall rate through the combined use of radar reflectivity and rain gauge data. Preliminary Results of the Validation Field Campaign.

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Sermi Boston, MA Over the horizon sky wave radar simulator for ionosphere and earth surface sounding. Kirchengast, A. Giuli, D. New tomographic inversion performance plus piscataway applied to satellite-ground links to obtain atmospheric components distribution.

Tropospheric IWV profiles estimation through multifrequency signal attenuation measurements between two counter-rotating LEO satellites: Elsevier, SMITH Tassi Vehicle classification based on convolutional networks applied to FMCW radar signals. Tanelli; J.

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Estimate of the tropospherical water vapor through microwave attenuation measurements in atmosphere. Estimation by differential attenuation measurements near 20 GHz. Monitoring gaseous emission from terrain through tomographic techniques in the infrared spectral region. Optimal reconstruction of rainfall dove comprare xtrasize in yishun through a libido enhancement foods tomography approach.

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X-band avionic weather radar simulator: Cuccoli; O. Casamaggi Giuli; S.

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Argenti Instead, turbo-mode and DVFS controllers are based on short-term predictions to squeeze the thermal capacitance allowing for short period performance boosts which are thermally unsustainable. Vaselli; A.

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A feasibility study for active remote sensing of atmospheric carbon monoxide based on differential absorption of infrared radiation along vertical paths. Il problema dell'elaborazione dei dati radar per applicazioni di monitoraggio idrometeorologico.

Argenti; F. Information Processing for Remote Sensing, pp. ACM, May